2012 Grow List

VARIETY (seed start/planting date)

Beans (5/25 direct sow)
-Cherokee Trail of Tears
-golden wax
-purple and green heirloom mix

-blackberries (in ground)
-blueberries (potted)
-raspberries, red and golden (in ground)
-strawberries (in ground)

Broccoli (rapini) (4/1)

Cabbage (4/1)
-Brunswick (green)
-Tete Noire (red)

Carrots (4/16 direct sow)
-orange heirloom mix
-rainbow mix

Celery (tendercrisp) (3/5)

Corn (5/25 direct sow)
-golden bantam
-strawberry popcorn
-sweet Inca rainbow

Cucumbers (4/23)
-Japanese long
-Parisan pickling

Flowers (5/15 direct sow)
-sunflower (tiger's eye)

Garlic (in ground 11/7/2011, 4/16/2012)
-Sicilian silverskin (soft neck)
-Siberian purple stripe (hard neck)

Greens (4/9 direct sow)
-baby bok choy
-Chinese mustard
-spinach (Bloomsdale)

Herbs (including those returning from last year)
-basil (Genovese and Vietnamese) (3/19)
-chamomile (German) (3/5)
-chives (3/5)
-cilantro (3/19, 5/1 direct sow)
-dill (3/19)
-echinacea (purple) (5/1 direct sow)
-parsley (Italian) (3/5)
-lavender (in ground)
-mint (spearmint and Vietnamese) (in ground and 5/25 direct sow)
-oregano (3/5)
-rosemary (potted)
-sage (in ground)
-terragon (French and Russian) (in ground)
-thyme (in ground)

Lettuce (5/1 direct sow)
-Parris Island cos (romaine)
-red tip romaine
-rocky top mix (4/16 direct sow)
-tom thumb

Melons (4/23)
-Ali Baba watermelon   

Onions (3/5 indoors, 4/1 direct sow)
-Jaune Paille Des Vertus
- red of Florence

Peas (4/16 direct sow)
-little marvel
-mammoth melting (snow pea)

Peppers (3/19)
-Antigua (sweet)
-California wonder
-jalapeƱo (purple)
-paprika (Leutschauer)
-Thai red chilli

Potatoes (4/1 direct sow)
-Colorado rose
-Fingerling (banana)
-purple viking
-Rio Grande russet
-Yukon gold
-sweet potato (3/19)

Radishes (daikon) (4/16 direct sow)

Rhubarb (in ground)

Squash: (4/23)
-Hopi pale gray
-Long Island cheese

-golden crookneck
-zucchini (Lungo Bianco)

-Butternut (Rogosa Violina)

Tomatoes (3/19)
-Amish paste
-Cherokee purple
-Constoluto Genovese
-heirloom mix (from last year)
-San Marzano
-yellow pear



Connecticut field pumpkin (4/23)
Fordhook chard (5/1 direct sow)
Dundale Pea (4/16 direct sow)
Truckers Yellow Dent Corn (5/25 direct sow)
Montezuma oat (mid-March direct sow) more oat info
Golden flax (early April direct sow)
Sorghum (mid-June direct sow)
White proso millet (mid-June direct sow)

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