Monday, December 19, 2016

late nights

Our new little one is such a sweet, happy, darling baby! And really, a peaceful night sleeper so far. But newborns always involve late night nursing sessions, and having three other young ones means I haven't slept through the night myself in about five years. 'Tis only a season, though, and certainly makes for some interesting "quiet" time to mull things over.

I caught Ted eating the Christmas tree in the wee hours of the morning. I wonder how long it will take him to finish the whole thing.

My little boy has been waking up with "bad dreams" involving things like broken tractors. The horror! (I only laugh about it to myself, of course - to him broken trucks really are a sad, terrible thing!)

I wanted to get a couple nice dolls for my kids this Christmas, to which late night overthinking led to nothing short of an existential crisis akin to the adult version of my son's night terrors. Nowadays, they have dolls with diverse skin colors - which I wholeheartedly support, especially since our little family is multi-racial! Although there aren't really any multi-racial looking dolls. So, I had to make a decision about the dolls. Should they be the same skin color? Or should one be light and the other darker? Diverse dolls should co-exist, right? What about the blonde one that looks like me but not them? (Blonde hair and blue eyes are genetically recessive traits after all) and doesn't that one just perpetuate the whole white beauty myth anyway? Except does not having one who looks like their mother make motherhood even more invisible than it already is in our society? We don't want the girls ending up with their own existential crises! What to do, what to do...To which my husband suggested, "Why don't you just buy a couple dolls you think the kids will like." Oh, right.


  1. Oh yes, the twists we can put ourselves in, can't we? Your husband is wise but the struggle is real. Our three year old was given a Barbie for Christmas and I about lost my mind. On the other hand, she *loves Moana, so I guess there's a bit of balance, but the constant questioning and wondering and trying to do right and show her all of the beautiful diversity in this world is not lost on me <3

    I hope your Littles are enjoying their new dolls and that you are allowing your mind to wander into friendlier territories in the wee hours of the night ;-)

    Happy (almost) 2017! May it be all your could ask for and so much more!

  2. Oh thank you, friend! Yes to balance, even (especially?) when forced upon us by good-intentioned gift-givers ;)

  3. Hello. I love the pictures you were able to share here. Thank you. Also, so sorry your little one is having sad dreams, I hope they end soon. Have a great day. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

  4. Yes, it is only for a season! I remember reminding myself of that when I felt so tired and weary. Now that they're grown up and on their own, I've never regretted the sacrifice of even one minute for them when they were small. You are so wise to realize it's truly a treasure.

  5. I just adore your posts. They make my day. It tickles me to know I am not the only one over-thinking all these modern things. It is so tricky!! In the end your husband is right, but still!! I totally get what you're saying.

    I trust you all had a wonderful holiday season. Thanks for the email by the way--though I don't think I ever replied. Tsk, tsk, Beth.

    Your bunny and babies are adorable. Look at that little stitcher!! Not even so little hardly! May you enjoy the season, both figuratively and literally, to the fullest.

  6. Super, sweet photos! I have three girls, and if each of them had to name their favorite toy would be the American Girl doll bitty baby. They traveled with us wherever we went until my girls were around 11...seriously. They are lovingly packed and waiting for future grandchildren now. They were the only "baby doll" my girls ever wanted or needed. (No, I don't work for American Girl Doll!)

  7. Love all your beautiful pictures!!! Hope your little one dreams are much happier by now. Keep updating us. Have a great weekend:)


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  10. May it be all your could ask for and so much more!



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