Wednesday, October 12, 2016

knitted newborn layette

I think I've completed as much of this layette as I'm likely going to before baby girl's arrival! The only thing left that I'd really like to finish are some newborn socks. Oh, and maybe a sweet little dress! And, I somehow managed to forget a baby blanket. Where does the time go?! But knitted blankets are abundant here, so that can be a nice winter project I suppose.

I knit these two sweaters early on in pregnancy, using scrap yarn, before we knew baby was a girl. (And also when I was trying to learn knitting sleeves in the round! That didn't go very well at first, but I think I've got it now). The short sleeve is a puerperium and the long sleeve is this newborn cardigan.

I loved knitting these rompers, and found the pattern easy to follow. I did go up a couple needle sizes to cast off the sleeves, as someone in the comments suggested. The sweet buttons are from Wooly Moss Roots.

Three hats in the softest alpaca and angora wool (The undyed yarn is made by one of my neighbors!) Two sizes of the Little Shell Lace Bonnet (which does seem to knit up very small), and one with a beautiful leaf stitch, which I seamed up the side to make a cap instead of a bonnet. 

The smallest of cardigans, and some longies to grow into. 

This is my first Fall baby. I'm pretty excited to bundle her up in hand knitted woolens!


  1. Oh what a precious bundle of clothing for an even more precious little one in the way - oh my ovaries!! ;)


  2. Such gorgeous preparations you've created! Holding you and your family in my thoughts as you prepare to greet your newest member <3

  3. Lovely little creations! Exciting times. Blessings to you and your family. xx

  4. What pretty and cosy knitting for your precious baby girl. I love what you've done. I just posted it to my Pinterest page. xx

  5. oh my. You've done some wonderful knitting there for you new addition. Congrats.

  6. What a lovely layette! So sweet and heartwarming. Very excited for you Jaime!

  7. Oh Mama, you did such an amazing job!!


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