Thursday, July 14, 2016

Reality and Everyday Work

Did I ever tell you about the time I badly sprained my foot tripping over a hay bale while being chased by a juvenile rooster? Ridiculous. That whole incident started out with the romantic notion that I ought to go tromping barefoot through the lush grasses on the way to the chicken barn to gather eggs in the hem of my skirt whilst happy hens cluck about. Except I forgot about stuff like chicken poo and unruly roos. And so it often goes here, the picture in my head is not typically the reality of my day-to-day. But isn't it necessary, to romanticize farming a bit, lest it might never be attempted? It is for me, at least, and truth be told, it's the same with parenting. If I think too much about the utter gravity of it all...well, maybe it's best not to. All that to say, hello! And here's what I've been up to.

We celebrated summer birthdays and I've found my kitchen groove again as the food coming in from the garden is steadily picking up now. (I always seem to lose the happy cooking vibes just before spring comes, but somehow they always return, thank goodness!) I have quite a backlog of recipes I want to share, soon hopefully. 

The kids and I fill our days with animals chores and garden work as early as possible in the morning. When we come back inside, they play and I cook and bake and clean. Sometimes they join me, sometimes they are just happily submerged in their imaginary worlds. I've also been working on a new baby layette, so for a few minutes at the very end of the day, I sit and knit in the quiet.  

These ordinary things are just my everyday work, but oftentimes, it's good to remind ourselves that the work we do in our homes, raising our children, tending our of utmost importance in our world today. Even if it's the only thing we can do, it's enough.
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