Sunday, May 1, 2016

bunny love

The kids take a little pink basket outside each day to pick fresh greens for Ted - dandelion leaves, lettuce, a little grass, some parsley, a carrot top...clearly, he loves it.

Ted has become quite the explorer, spending much of his time roaming the house. Sometimes we lose track of him, and then suddenly there he is around the corner. "Oh, hi Ted!"

He seems to have found a favorite sleeping spot in the corner room under a bed. Sweet little house bunny. 


  1. Oh man...what a sweetheart!!! Love those markings!

  2. Oh heavens! The cuteness!! You make me want to get a bunny. I will resist as I think the cats wouldn't be very friendly....

  3. He sure is a handsome one! How sweet that he can just be in the house hopping around.

  4. The spot under the bed is a perfect warren-like environment. Happy bunny!

  5. He's adorable! A few of my children have asked for a bunny, but we wouldn't be able to let it roam free because of the dog and cats. But I love seeing others' bunny pictures.


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