Friday, April 29, 2016

kitchen firsts

The first of the season's asparagus! I go out early every morning to see if some are ready, and so far we're only getting a small handful at a time. I cook them briefly in a little butter, salt, and pepper, and we eat them with breakfast. The kids gobble them up - the spears are so sweet - I wonder if the cooler weather (more snow in store for us this weekend) is sweetening them?

Star bread! This one is a garlic bread, using butter, fresh garlic (grated), and fresh-picked oregano, sage, and terragon from the garden.  

Lemon bars, which satisfied my need to use up a good amount of eggs and my desire for lemon meringue pie, which never seems to turn out quite right.

A burnt and lopsided brioche loaf (this is its good side), which most certainly didn't turn out right. How do you not burn a bread that is over half its weight in butter? The texture on the inside was terrific, though, like a crescent roll!

What's going on in your kitchen these days?


  1. Delicious kitchen happenings. That star bread looks incredible.

  2. Everything looks delicious - we are hoping to get some asparagus planted here in the next week or so to enjoy in a couple of years. Lemon bars are one of my favorites too.

  3. We are getting asparagus, too. We usually just eat it raw because it never makes it into the house. The answer to your brioche question is a foil hat. It keeps my challah from getting "sunburned" as my daughter used to say.

  4. Wow. Your kitchen happenings look amazing, Jamie. I second, Farmer Barb's suggestion about a foil cover for bread that is overbrowning. Man, we need to get back on the breadmaking bandwagon. We've not had much around the house in weeks as we've not gotten to it! Also, seriously! That star bread?! How cool is that?!

  5. May we please, please, please have the recipe for the lemon bars! They look fabulous.

    1. Hi Leigh! I used a recipe from an old Sunset Magazine baking edition. The same recipe is here (which I followed, except I mixed by hand instead of a mixer/food processor):

    2. Jaime, thank you! Looks like the perfect recipe.


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