Tuesday, April 5, 2016

child time

Oh, these babies - they have their own cycle, perfectly in tune with the natural ways, transcending our self-imposed timelines and deadlines. We grown-ups really have lost touch with that magic, just out of our grasp, always pulled back to our own realities and worries.

It's even so when they're in the womb. And so many amazing things are happening, to the tune of gestational time; an invisible clock that can't be rushed and events that, although going on right inside yourself, you have absolutely no control over. Yet they are completely at one with the natural cycle.

I've been thinking of these things a lot lately, how we order our days, our time here. Perhaps because my oldest will be of "school age" this year. I often waffle between the desire to have no structure whatsoever and then back again to my seemingly innate need for orderliness. I worry about giving my kids just enough structure to help them feel secure without sacrificing too much of their freedom to just be kids. I was such a reserved, serious, mature child that I wonder if I allowed myself to have too much fun, to really experience unbridled joy. How fortunate I feel to see that joy in my own kids, and have a chance at embracing it, if only I could attune myself to their present moment, to their child-time.


  1. They are completely beautiful! What a house full of joy you must have.

  2. You and your kids make me happy. Time and planning are interesting things. I think about them a lot, too. So many things and so little time....its good to stop and reflect on that before that little time is gone! We've got some seasonality to our lives and are about to enter the big craze. I keep in mind all the quiet, open days of winter when I am frazzled by gardening, camping, selling tie-dye, BBQs, preserving, foraging, and...on and on and on. Its hard to find a balance sometimes, but I think you're right. Its all about balance between structure and spontaneity. I do think that becoming more attuned to the seasonal nature of life has helped me with this. Of course, sometimes its still a struggle!

  3. You have a gorgeous family :-)

    I have found myself practicing (intentionally) being in the present moment with my toddler more and more often...simply meeting her where she is at and allowing whatever she needs to flow...like the day she insisted on putting on her fairy dress and chasing our Great Pyrenees around the property for hours before requesting ice cream and water, so we had a quick picnic before running some more. Totally spur of the moment and just what she needed, but a push for me to let her and then be in it with her (I was *so exhausted from all the running) :-) Such gifts, these small moments, and they pass so quickly!

    Hope you're enjoying a lovely week!

  4. Soon enough, time changes into homework deadlines and hockey practices and all the other things that are scheduled. We love snow storms that knock out the power. They cancel our regular lives and we can play scrabble and cards by lamplight in front of the fire.
    It is important for the ones who stay at home with children to preserve Spur-of-the-Moment. Yes to ice cream sundaes for dinner once in a while. Yes to building a fort in the living room. Yes to "Can we keep it?" All too soon they are sitting in the same room on their devices, not talking to each other. They will remember the yeses.


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