Tuesday, April 28, 2015

around the farm

Popping in for a little update!

Our first asparagus harvest, such a treat. My little girl eats the straight up raw, freshly cut stalks!

The kids and I have a slight addiction to chocolate goat's milk, of which copious amounts are consumed daily; so much so that I don't have enough milk left for cheesemaking! I'm hoping to acquire a Nubian in milk over the next month or so, if one finds her way to us.

We have four new laying hen chicks in the brooder, a couple varieties we've never had before - two dark brahmas and two brown leghorns. They get lots of love, and my girl spends hours each day holding them, reading stories to them, and rocking them to sleep in her little rocking chair. It is the sweetest.

I've never grown such beautiful tomato starts! Except I'm noticing some leaf curling now, and have declared a Tomato Plant Emergency, which I hope to avert tomorrow by getting some proper potting mix and larger containers. These are growing in compost right now, and I have a feeling the soil is too damp and heavy for their liking. Oh, if I could just get them to hang in there for a couple more weeks, they can go into the great outdoors!

In the garden, I'm looking forward to the first rhubarb harvest, although it seems to be growing slower this year (or maybe I'm just more impatient!) Our garlic beds are growing well, and a large bed of about 100 onion bulbs are just starting to poke up. There's also a bed of potatoes. I'm going back to the raised bed method this year (I need about 10 more built! Hmmm). With our springtime flooding issues and high winds bringing in loads of weed seeds, I think raised beds will be easier to maintain. And as a bonus, it also prevents my little helpers from accidentally stepping on things I want to grow! We've planted peas and various cool weather greens in this cold frame. Stuff is starting to sprout there, too. I plan to grow my cabbage and cucumbers in here next month, maybe keeping them under cover to prevent pest damage and also hopefully allowing the peas and cukes to vine up the frame.

Okay, off I go now. We've a baptism to prepare for this weekend, and although I've finished giving everyone haircuts, there's ironing to be done and a little shrug to try knitting in time (read: a sink-full of dishes to avoid washing).

Saturday, April 11, 2015

this sweater

This sweater is a metaphor for my life right now.

It was supposed to be a Christmas sweater for my baby girl, which then turned into a potential St. Valentine's Day sweater, which ultimately became a "please still fit and good thing Spring is pretty chilly here" sweater. It's still not really finished, but I'm calling it done. Like so many things in my life at this moment, I'm learning to accept good enough when I see it.

This sweater is filled with little mistakes (I actually tried to remember the mistakes I made while knitting the first arm so that I could duplicate them in the second. Ha!). Little mistakes, but good lessons.

I have this irrational fear that while out and about, someone (some mythical one) will be appalled at the incomplete collar and the fact that one sleeve is a half inch longer than the other, and will admonish me to please not dress my sweet baby in such a way. This is the same mythical someone, by the way, whom I also fear will show up on my doorstep with a shaking-of-the-head "tsk, tsk, tsk" at the current state of my house.      

This sweater took such a long time to complete, with unanticipated hurdles and frustrations and even thoughts of abandonment altogether. And really, it looks nothing like the pattern said it would. But, in the end, it really is still beautiful. Beautiful, messy, honest, unfinished...Like life - yes.
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