Saturday, November 8, 2014

not a moment too soon

I finally got my two beds of garlic planted, just in time before winter truly arrives. I'm hoping about 100 cloves are in the ground, but planting with these babes of mine, I never quite know! They are like little guerrilla gardeners throwing seed bombs in random fashion as quickly as possible before I (the gardening police) can stop them.

My big girl - the last of summer on her face and the fall dirt on her hands.

Our duck friends came for a visit while we worked! Always happy to see them (feral as they now are) enjoying the pond.

I might try for just one more bed of 50 tomorrow. For the past few years, I've planted only seed from my own saved supply, selecting more for large bulbs than any particular variety. This year, I really started to see this pay off, as most of the bulbs turned out to be a good size of nice uniformity, and they are keeping very well so far. It's so rewarding to see this progress through the years, grounding me more and more in this place and way of life.

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