Thursday, October 30, 2014

a girly baby blanket

When my first daughter was born, I shied heavily away from the massive amounts pink that seem to suddenly descend when people find out you are having a girl. Even now, I prefer to offer her clothes to wear and things to play with that have a more natural tone. Although she did tell me the other day how nice it would be for her to have a pink horse. Ah, rebellion! 

This time around, with this new baby girl, I let a little pink in -  a nice soft shade here and there seems to suit her for some reason. I finished her baby blanket literally the night before she was born, using alternating yarns for a striped look - the pink yarn called "ballet slipper" and the other one (naturally) an undyed wool.

I was so pleased with how it came out (albeit a little small, as all my knitted baby blankets seem to end up). It's delicate and sweet with a touch of pink! Very much like our new little girly.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Or, rather, these are things that already happened a month or so ago, but that I'm grateful to document here; even late as they are.

:: Harvesting all we could before the early September first frost

:: A weather pattern which has since yielded to many glorious days outdoors in such appropriate attire as swimsuits and muck boots

:: Or whatever you would call this get-up!

 :: Still milking our sweet new doe, Piper, an American Alpine. And giving the Nigerians a break. From afar, people often mistake Piper for an antelope!  

 :: The first honey harvest from our hive, and the best honey I've ever tasted - lightly fragrant and delicately sweet.

:: "Beeby-sitting" a few hives over the winter for our beekeeper (who has just published a very comprehensive beekeeping book!). These hives were attacked by a bear at their original location. Aren't they just beautiful?!

:: Attempting my first sourdough starter using these most delicious, beautiful little grapes from a friend's garden. (Not that I really need another thing to keep alive - plant, animal, or otherwise - since I've failed quite miserably at that this year, save for the children of course!)

:: And for good measure, I can't resist sharing a picture of our new squishy babushka baby. 

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