Thursday, September 4, 2014

What has the world come to??

The other day I saw a woman in her driveway spraying pots of fake flowers with RoundUp weed killer. I think this is one of the most bizarre things I've ever seen. Did she stick her fake flowers in real dirt where real weeds grow, I wonder?

And if that's not enough to make me question our collective social sanity, I recently met the person in charge of granting agricultural status in our county, who insists that chickens cannot be qualified as "grazing animals" because they do not eat grass. They might eat bugs, she concedes, but certainly not grass.

And so, if we have people trying to kill what was never alive, and people in authority (presumed to be knowledgeable in the proper ways of agricultural land management) who have no clue about even a chicken's natural diet, is it any wonder that so many kids don't know where eggs come from?

And a human's natural diet is not coke and cheetos. But perhaps an alien visitor might presume otherwise.

We are doomed, I say. DOOMED!

And that is a bleak, not at all elegant way of saying Hello! after my long absence from this space.

So maybe this would be better:

Hello! and We had a(nother) baby! (which makes just about everything right with the world, as babies tend to do).


  1. I have missed you, and your regular posts....

  2. OMG, this totally cracked me up. I'm trying to wrap my brain around putting weed killer on an artificial plant. Well anyhow, congratulations on your new addition!

  3. Oh how sad but true! It makes me wonder how the 'people in charge' get their jobs - it most certainly is not because they know their stuff. Congrats on your beautiful new baby!

  4. Ah! Congratulations! Another nursling, you lucky girl! I am so happy for you and your family. I can imagine with two young children and the complete inability to bend in the middle, posting might be secondary! Welcome back and keep those snuggly baby pictures coming. As for agriculture: my goofy town actually REQUIRES a Special Permit for farming. I can keep all the animals I choose, I can grow what will grow, I just can't SELL any of it without spending $2500 in permitting and other required surveys. Right...the inmates ARE running the asylum.

  5. SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a Beautiful Baby! Swoon........ warm congratulations to you, Jaime :)

    Our newest grandchild will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. What a glorious time for us both!

  6. Well, when the world gets me to shaking my head at the madness and disconnect (as it increasingly does) I am heartened to know that there are other kind, earth-bound people like you and your growing little family out there. A hearty congrats to you all.

  7. That's funny, my chickens eat any kind of green that I put in their chicken run...

    Congratulations on your new addition! How exciting.

  8. And this my friend is why I am moving to a more rural area of the States. I am getting a small farm next year and will be getting off the grid as much as possible.
    Congratulations on the newest member of your family. Boy? Girl? Cute for sure1

    1. A girl! Congrats on your upcoming move - how exciting!

  9. Congrats! Another baby is always good! now careful you don't make me broody!
    My chickens certainly eat grass. Either that or they pluck it out the ground and compost it somewhere!

  10. Jaime, congratulations! What wonderful news. Babies are one truly sane thing in this crazy world.

  11. What a cutie!! Congratulations.

    I could rant along with you on the use of weed killer, but on artificial plants?? Yikes!
    I have a few neighbors that use Tru Green on their front lawns. Lawns that are never walked on or laid on or used for anything.. Grrrrrrrrr! Let the clover live!!!!!

  12. Oh my goodness friend! Look at that precious baby! are so blessed!



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