Monday, June 16, 2014

peeking around the farm

There is a bird - That Crazy Bird, we call her - who built a nest in the fan of our mudroom bath. Now we hear the hungry chirps of chicks in the morning and the soft cooing at night. And soft downy feathers occasionally float down onto the toilet seat. Strange, but lovely; like living in a tree top, I imagine!

There is also a rabbit - That Crazy Rabbit - who has a black spot on her face and sits in front of the house staring at us through the windows. Cute, and well...creepy.

And speaking of living among the trees and wild things, I had an amazing experience the other day. While weeding some barrels I planted with a mixture of greens, I heard a chorus of buzzing in the tree canopy above me. When I looked up, there were hundreds of bees. Each of us going about our work, separately, but connected in that moment. Amazing.   

The path to the bees

I'm in an experimental and make-do mood in the garden this year. I've got patches of this and that planted all around - some things close to the house and others in the main garden and others still in a leveled mound of dirt on the side of the driveway.

Peas growing along the porch
Vietnamese mint on the side of the house
Tom Thumb lettuce on the front lawn
Potato patch. Intensively planted and heavily mulched with straw

Last year's wood chip mulch garden became this year's chock-full-of-weeds disaster area, and so a few more raised beds were added just so I could get some seedlings planted in a reasonable amount of time. I also used a different seed starting mix this year - wanting to use what I have or what I could source locally, I mixed equal parts peat moss (still had a big bag from last year), sand from our property, and soil/compost from the garden. It worked great, and I don't think I'll be buying perlite or vermiculite again. It's not a sterile mix, but the weed seeds that germinated were easy to identify and pull, and I'm also wondering if transplanting went a little better this year because the vegetable seedlings were already acclimated to the garden soil.

Looking into the main garden from across the pond
Always faithful garlic growing well. There's an identical bed of garlic to the right. The four new beds in the back are planted with peppers, tomatoes, squash, and cucumbers. There's also two rows of tomatoes planted directly in the soil. I covered that area with landscaping fabric as a weed block, and mulched with grass clippings.

Happy June!


  1. Those damn weeds! My 3 year old walks with me and points them out. Sometimes she'll stop to "pull" them. It's been such a lovely spring, but I'm afraid it's about to get hot. ugh.

    1. It has been lovely, hasn't it?! So fond of all the rain this year.

  2. My garden got away from me last year but I seem to be keeping on top of some of it this year. I'm more inclined to cover areas I'm not using now so they can't take hold. Your spuds are looking good, do you have a good place to store them?

    1. We have a makeshift cellar of sorts in the basement - here's hoping it gets used this year!

  3. Beautiful...and yes that rabbit would kind of creep me out too!

  4. Wonderful. Simply wonderful. I think I'd like cheeping birds in the bathroom. :)


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