Thursday, April 3, 2014

speaking of bees...

Our hive looks to be doing so well that Don (the beekeeper) is attempting to split the hive to raise a daughter queen! We all got to watch as he opened the hive, pulling out the frames and inspecting things. He found lots of brood and honeycomb, too. He anticipates a honey harvest for us this year! (Unless disaster strikes - which we joked that it already has;  these bees are hearty stock, indeed.)

Did you know that bees are not allowed by ordinances in some communities? Don says that the bees, of course, don't pay any attention to such things. They live where they want to live ;) Thank goodness for that.


  1. A honey harvest this year... how exciting! Congrats :)

  2. I envy those bees, Jaime. Is that upturned jar some honey water for them?

    1. Yes! He initially left a broken frame with some honeycomb on a piece of wood just a liitle distance from the hives, in hopes the bees would "reclaim" it for the new hive. Yesterday, though, we got hit with a significant snow storm, so I think he just wanted to give them a little boost.

      By the way, you are hearty stock, too, dear Rhonda! ;)

  3. So jealous! My dad's dad kept bees, and Dad was always looking out for beehives when we were out and about. When we were in the bush, if Dad saw any bees, he could tell by watching them where the hive was, and lead us to it.

    Now, there is just something heartwarming when I see beehives in a paddock somewhere. I think maybe it is the memories of my childhood, but also there is something really fundamental about those little insects buzzing around and making such a lovely product as honey, just from pollen.

    By the way, I love that you have a wooden hive. Apparently now plastic hives are the go, according to a beekeeper I was talking to last year. Less maintenance, or some such rubbish!

  4. Must be, or "bee" LOL, something in the air. I have had some posts about our upcoming bees, later in the year, and now I'm seeing all sorts of bee posts on our favorite blogs. What a great post, thanks for sharing, and of course, stay warm!

  5. There is no legal bee-keeping in Billings, but there is a backyard bee group in town working on that. Matt and I just watched an amazing PBS program about bees which we got from the library called Tales from the Hive. I learned a lot and earned an even greater appreciation for these critters. Amazing. Glad to hear yours are doing so well!

  6. I hope the hive split works well. Pity about laws restricting things like bees and chickens. Good thing bees can't read.


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