Monday, April 28, 2014

in my kitchen {the last of}

This is such a hard time of year in the kitchen for me. Waiting for the first sprouts of something, anything!, to appear. It's that transitional season that I refer to as "the last of." The last of last year's harvest - the last of the pizza sauce. The last freezer chicken. The last head of garlic. And so on.

Homemade goat cheese pizzas.

And I start stealing little bits of whatever is appearing. A couple leaves off the tiny basil starts and spinach that's only just starting to grow. We're not supposed to harvest the asparagus for another year, but tasting just one (or three) can't hurt, right? I had never tasted homegrown asparagus before, and oh, it is just phenomenal!

The first asparagus! I planted crowns in the herb bed close to the house last year.

 I feel I've been relying more heavily on baking these days, too, trying to fill in the gaps a bit.

Clover leaf rolls, inspired by Beth, using braided bread dough.
Early morning baking is becoming an almost daily routine. These are English muffins, also using braided bread dough.     

But soon, soon, we'll be eating fresh again. I can't wait!     


  1. Oh...everything looks so delicious! I can't wait for something to come up in my garden, too. I just planted asparagus. Next year, I will totally be dipping in to try the first few sprigs!

    Hope you are having a lovely Spring!


  2. It all looks yum! Hopefully your garden will have plenty to eat soon :) I really should plant some asparagus. I just love it

  3. Oh my goodness - homegrown asparagus is divine! We have made english muffins as well and they taste nothing like store-bought. So good.

  4. Well, everything looks fabulously delicious! I think the early spring is the hardest time of year for the gardener. All that waiting!

  5. I'm a bit tickled that you tried the clover leaf rolls. Its a bit of fun...not that bread needs to be improved upon, really! :) We totally remark (and can relate) on The Last Of.... season. I was sad to see the last of the tomato sauce, etc go, but I was sure pumped to be eating fresh green things again! Yipppeee! We planted some asparagus last year, but it must not have taken well as the only thing coming up in that patch is the neighboring raspberries! Oh well, I DO like raspberries.


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