Saturday, March 29, 2014

busy bee

Hello! I've been such a busy bee over here. I think I got bit by the spring cleaning bug - scrubbing, sorting, giving, and rearranging. No room is safe! It feels good though, to get the house in order before the days find us outside more than in.

With the return of the light, and precisely on the first day of spring, the ducks began laying again. We celebrated with duck egg cakes!

Lemon glazed pound cake

Orange glazed marble cake

This weekend I'll be busy outside planting potatoes and onions, and starting some more seeds.  I leveled a big pile of compost just outside the main garden area, making three raised dirt beds, which are all ready for planting now. 20 strawberry crowns are in the ground already, in a patch of dirt just off the front porch. Happy days! Little by little, each season, the landscape changes...and so do we.


  1. You have been busy! I am doing the same...trying to declutter and clean before we are outside most of the day. Your duck egg pound cakes look delicious and so beautiful!


  2. Busy indeed! Those cakes are beautiful and wish I could have a bite :)

  3. Yeah for strawberries! I have one strawberry on the vine still green but coming soon I hope. I've been so impatient about spring this year I almost can't believe it is almost here!

  4. Busy, busy bee! Everything looks delicious :)


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