Saturday, March 29, 2014

busy bee

Hello! I've been such a busy bee over here. I think I got bit by the spring cleaning bug - scrubbing, sorting, giving, and rearranging. No room is safe! It feels good though, to get the house in order before the days find us outside more than in.

With the return of the light, and precisely on the first day of spring, the ducks began laying again. We celebrated with duck egg cakes!

Lemon glazed pound cake

Orange glazed marble cake

This weekend I'll be busy outside planting potatoes and onions, and starting some more seeds.  I leveled a big pile of compost just outside the main garden area, making three raised dirt beds, which are all ready for planting now. 20 strawberry crowns are in the ground already, in a patch of dirt just off the front porch. Happy days! Little by little, each season, the landscape changes...and so do we.

Monday, March 10, 2014


When your little brother tries to eat the pages, read to the dog instead.

Friday, March 7, 2014

:: this week

 :: Making - A few Easter treats for the kids and contemplating knitting a sweater for my little girl's Easter dress (Isn't it sweet? A lucky dollar find at my favorite local church sale), and a special candle for a gift, all as the snow falls outside.

:: Baking - spending a lot of time in the kitchen making braided breads, banana breads, pastas (that's goat cheese ravioli in the picture) and tortillas (which I'm making more like a native Indian fry bread these days)

:: Taking stock - of what homegrown foods are left in the pantry and freezer. The last of the frozen tomatoes were made into marinara sauce and I only have one head of garlic left. The onions and potatoes are long gone. We have one turkey and a few roasting chickens in the freezer, but that's it! Slim pickings and I'm doing everything possible to avoid the dreaded grocery store. (Also avoiding the feed store at all costs because they got in their first batch of chicks, and I must refrain from last year's temptations!)

:: Planting and planning - Started the first seeds of the season! A flat of onions. Placing my seed potato order and searching around for a potential milking doe to add to our herd

:: Tending - to some special care for that ol' pup of ours

:: Experiencing - firsts for baby boy - Ash Wednesday and a new tooth!
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