Saturday, February 22, 2014

ordinary everyday


Up with the baby at dawn for a lazy nursing session before heading to the kitchen to let the pups out and start a simple breakfast

Little girl rises late, so breakfast prep is put on hold to help her transition into the day

Breakfast, then washing up while the little ones play on the floor 

Out for chores if daddy hasn't done them already

Starting cheese or bread or rice for the day

Washing the clothes and hanging them out to dry (I always have little helping hands for that)

Then playing and reading and eating and cleaning and baby snuggling and naptime (and even a little knitting!) all happen on the very good days

Late afternoon family milking outside if the weather is fair. My favorite time of day, when we check on all the animals, look for bees, make plans for the garden, and linger by the stream or in the sandbox until little hands and noses get too cold

Dinner and the nighttime wind down before we all crash into bed

Just my kind of day.


  1. Sounds like a great kind of day!

  2. Long ago, I too, had the great privilege of nursing my babies. The rhythm of life will change tempo as your children age, but it is strong and beautiful if you take the time to stop. You have the gift. Congratulations!

  3. How did you laundry not end up in Kansas with all of this wind? Sounds like the perfect day to me!

  4. Are your goats comfortable with your dogs? The goats in my life get all sorts of upset when dogs come around--even gentle, well-trained dogs like my sweet Rudabega.

    1. Yes, for the most part I would say they're very comfortable with both dogs. Not so much that they can't be herded into the barn, but none of them freak out or act strange when dogs are around. The milking doe tolerates them very well, and the most submissive goat (interestingly enough) actually tries to head butt the dogs every so often!

      Rudabega is a really great name, by the way :)

  5. Lovely. There is so much to see in the most normal days. Have missed reading your posts and now I am bingeing while we are in town (with internet!) - Hannah.


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