Sunday, February 16, 2014

a couple simple egg recipes

A breakfast one and a lunch one, really.

Cheesy Eggs

A staple here, often topped with salsa, hot sauce, or even a little ketchup. (Does anyone else like eggs with ketchup? I seem to be the odd one that does in my family!)

1. Beat together about 6 eggs with a little salt and a good splash of milk.
2. Melt a Tablespoon or so of butter in a skillet and briefly fry a couple of diced green onions, just until softened.
3. Add the egg mixture, turning down the heat to low.
4. Dollop bits of cheese all around the eggs in the pan. Use a soft cheese like chèvre or Brie, along with some cream cheese. Be generous with the amount of cheese you use!
5. Stir the eggs, gently and continuously, until cooked. 

The key to getting this right is really the cooking method, I think. The eggs must be cooked slowly on low heat, and paid attention to so they don't over-cook. That's how they become so melty and creamy.

Egg Salad With Pickled Jalapeño Peppers

I don't know if I'm just on a bit of a spicy kick, but since adding peppers to potato salad, I've been trying them in other things here and there, and I must say they really seem to elevate the taste of what are typically very basic dishes. I didn't even have any other veggies to put in this egg salad, and it was still yummy as can be. 

1. Hard boil, peel, and dice 6 eggs.
2. Mix with a couple Tablespoons mayo and a couple teaspoons mustard.
3. Add two small finely diced pickled jalapeños.
4. Our favorite way to eat this is with crackers or soft braided bread

I'm really looking forward to the garden this year, when I'll hopefully have peppers and all sorts of other vegetables growing in abundance!


  1. The cheesy eggs look scrumptious! I recently added jalapeno (and bacon) to deviled eggs and we really loved it. :)

  2. I'll have to try the cheesy eggs. It sound dee-lish. I'm excited by the upcoming gardening too. With the warm weather this week I can finally see all of the mud in my garden!

  3. I like the idea of adding jalapenos to egg salad - it tends to be a little bland, otherwise. And I happen to have many jars of pickled jalapenos!

    1. I'm on my last bit of pickled jalapeños :( Hoping for a better crop this year. I really like letting them ripen to red, so thinking of pickling those to see how they taste....

  4. We are up to our ears in eggs! I counted 8 dozen in the house yesterday. I too love ketchup on my eggs, but have cut myself off in the last few months because a) my entire household gives me a hard time about it b) I didn't make my own and it seems ketchup invariably comes in plastic bottles and c) I can't find a company that doesn't add jam-like quantities of sugar to their products.
    Have you ever pressure cooked your hard boiled eggs? I find this makes them easier to peel.
    Great post. Love your photos!

    1. Wow, 8 dozen!! A sure sign that spring is coming. I know what you mean about the bottled ketchup - I've tried making my own, but still needs some tweaking. Wondering if I can try making some from the frozen tomatoes I have. Pressure cooking the eggs is a smart idea! Never tried that before! Thanks for visiting my space :)


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