Thursday, January 30, 2014

when I'm old I want to remember...

 :: A little girl who falls asleep on the floor cuddled next to her dog during an afternoon snowstorm.

:: The scent of balsam oil on my newly baptized baby's sweet head.

:: A house full of family and good food. Young cousins playing dolls and blocks and making pretend cupcakes for each other for hours on end.

:: Bathtime. (and naptime).

:: Hugs and kisses and reading and dancing.

:: A clean table, a lit candle, and a dinner all together.

:: Laughter and a half-dressed child running down the hall.

:: Her love of the animals and the freedom of being outdoors.

:: His fearlessly joyful nature.

:: Snuggles.

:: The feeling of belonging - wholeness - oneness - contentment.

I want to forget all the rough spots, and remember these things instead.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

pretty homegrown potato salad with a kick

This is typically a summer dish around here, but if you've any potatoes in storage, it's a nice refreshing winter side as well. This is another one of those I don't really measure type recipes, just a little of this and a little of that, tasting as I go.

Just get a bowl and mix all these things together:

-A variety of potatoes, cubed and boiled (skin on or off according to your preference) - I had red, white, and blue-all-through ones.
-Diced red onion
-Diced celery
-Minced parsley
-Homemade mayo
-Salt and Pepper

And here's the "with a kick" part: 
-Diced pickled jalapenos!

It really hits the spot. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

turning in

I put my ear up to the beehive last week, to listen to the gentle hum of the bees vibrating inside, staying warm. The mornings are bitter cold and windy, and it has my attention focused more back inside my home too, longing to tidy up and cozy up and settle in until spring. I confess there are days I long to just sit and knit, but for now I need to be content with a few rows here and there.

I've struggled with "decorating" our home ever since we moved here a few years ago now - other projects (or babies, as the case may be) always seem to demand the time and attention and funds I was going to give to painting and making this house more "ours." So, the furnishings are simple and walls still mostly bare, but these walls are ours and each passing season has me feeling more and more at home here. I've had a few good cleaning, tidying, and rearranging sessions over the past month, which always helps the same old stuff feel refreshing again. Mostly, I'm just striving for a peaceful home, one that calms and nourishes us even during times of stress. Just writing that down is a good start, I think. 

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