Tuesday, September 10, 2013

this girl

She is my constant companion and helper, wanting to do everything I'm doing and trying to "do it all by me-self." She pulls her chair up to the kitchen counter, standing tall on it to see what I'm doing, or to help wash dishes, or get utensils to set the table. She usually sports a mouth that needs to be wiped, her clothing is optional and sometimes inside out. She's serious and silly at the same time; Easy and challenging at the same time, too. (Notice the sling she fashioned for her baby doll - yes, that's my bra she's using).     

She got her first haircut from mommy, and is very pleased not to have those stragalies itching her neck anymore. She loves her brother so very much, and baby boy is an absolute angel whose smile just melts all our hearts each and every time (and he smiles a lot, this sweet one).

She loves bugs of all sorts - worms, butterflies,"roll-roll-poles" (roly-poly bugs) and even the "waspies." We found an inchworm on a garden squash, whose antics fascinated us all. He was given a little pea pod and some water and kept as our pet for the day. I'm thinking of creating a homemade poster, kind of like these old ones, documenting all the bugs she takes interest in lately.

Oh, these days! Have you ever heard the song Take My Breath Away from Eva Cassidy? There's a line about love being like a child, "sometimes gentle and sometimes wild." Which is so often how I think of these days at home with my (big) baby girl and my newborn son. 


  1. Sweet pictures! I love the one of her standing on her tippy-toes on her chair at the counter! :)
    Little brother surely does have a smile to light up a room!

  2. What a lovely breath of sweet air this post is, Jaime. Thank you for sharing your charmed life.

  3. Oh Jaime :) I have goosebumps all over... such a beautiful post. XO

  4. You have a beautiful family, Jaime. What a life.

  5. Yours sounds like mine! I've just started keeping her stool in the kitchen which is where we seem to use it the most. I get a lot of "I help you" Fun days!

  6. Beautiful words and photos. Your children are blessed to have you, and vice versa. Love. Love it.


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