Thursday, September 5, 2013

small harvests and good food

My neglected garden is producing tiny amounts of this and that. Which is just perfect for the tiny pockets of time I have to harvest and cook these days. And we have a wonderfully bountiful amount of chicken, eggs, and goat's milk flowing into the kitchen!

Here's a smattering of recent kitchen treats:

A hash made with rainbow chard, onions, and potatoes
Same hash put into a breakfast strata with homemade bread, eggs, goat's milk, mushrooms, and farmer's cheese  

 Homegrown chicken and a rainbow of potatoes ready for roasting
Refrigerator pickles
Goat's milk ice cream, based on this recipe and using this no-machine method. It is SO GOOD, I can no longer eat store bought. This has forever ruined me.

We hosted a big family get together here a couple weekends ago, and a good portion of the food came from our own efforts. Curry chicken with homegrown chicken and potatoes, shish kebabs with garden veggies, our fresh garlic put into every sauce and marinade, our eggs...oh it made me so proud! It's a dream I have, really, to host a family gathering where everything served was produced right here on our land. In fact, I would feed the entire neighborhood that way if I could. Maybe someday I will.


  1. Oh YUM :) You have a way with photographing food that makes my stomach growl!

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    1. Oops, sorry Beth! I'm not sure how your comment got removed, but I didn't mean to do that! (Probably some little hands touching my keyboard ;)

  3. Beautiful food! The strata looks particularly good to me right now! :)
    It is such a wonderful feeling to look at the food on the table and think, "We DID that!"

  4. I LOVE your Friendship Pyrex dish that you have the ice cream in. My favorite Pyrex. :-)

  5. I have bags and bags of rainbow chard from a friend of the family (who planted way to much in his garden and has been gifting it to anyone who breathes...). How do you make the hash? Sounds good and an interesting way to make it. Not that I don't love sauteing it with bacon because I do, it's just getting old.
    BTW...I think we make that Vietnamese yogurt at least once a week now. It's our new favorite.

    1. Hi Jen! I'm about to try making that yogurt with goat's milk :) So happy you like it.

      For the hash, I chopped up the chard stems, potato, and onion and sautéed it all in butter until soft. Then I added a little salt and pepper, along with the leafy green parts of the chard to wilt them near the end of cooking. I think you could use anything you have on hand in the hash - sweet peppers, mushrooms, bacon, etc...

      I've been using the chard a lot like spinach, so I like it in quiche as well.

  6. Oh, my goodness! Wow! Beautiful food! :)


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