Monday, April 8, 2013

turkeys need love

So, what have I learned in these first few days of raising our very first turkey poults?

1. They are not scary. They are, in fact, highly lovable.

2. Turkey mamas are incredibly attentive, and turkey poults incredibly needy.

3. Since these poults' mama was an incubator, they have imprinted me as their mother turkey, especially one little guy who for the first night in the brooder cheeped loudly and constantly in the wee hours of the morning looking for his mama. Now I hold him and pet him and give him lots of attention before bedtime. He falls asleep in my hands before I put him down, and then seems a lot calmer most of the night.

4. Occasionally, one will somehow end up on his back, unable to get up without a little nudge.

5. It's helpful to keep reminding them where their food and water is, to make sure they're getting enough. (And they love a bit of mashed up boiled egg as a treat for a little extra protein, as well as going outside to forage).

6. If you want some training as to what it's like to parent a newborn baby of the human variety, you should get some turkey poults. All of the above seems to apply to both species.


  1. They are so lovely !

  2. ROFLOL!!!!!! I guess it's a good reminder of what's to come with your wee little lad :) I haven't kept turkeys yet so that's good to know. :)

  3. We hatched out two turkey eggs for a friend & had them for about a week, and you're right, they are much needier than chicks, but oh so cute :)

  4. Good point...I never thought about the chicks, or turkey poults, who wake up in an incubator without a mother.

  5. Oh, the dears. Why do baby animals have to be so darned LOVABLE?!


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