Saturday, March 2, 2013

grocery shopping for spring

Easter last year

::chicks have been ordered::

::seed potatoes are on their way::

::onion and pepper seed packets are gathered for starting very soon::

Oh yes! Spring is coming and this is just my kind of grocery shopping.


  1. Oh, how I WISH that our landscape looked like that! We are still under snow with more falling as I type... LOL

  2. Look at those blossoms! To think, that's right outside your door! I hope this Easter is just as idyllic! Thank you so much for sharing, Jaime.

    Of course, I was just looking for some green shoots this afternoon, and this evening, we got yet another dose of snow. I will be so ripe for spring when it arrives!

  3. We are a muddy, snowy mess here right now, too! Hard to believe that a scene like the one above is quite possibly just a month or so away!!

  4. Lol...that's my favorite kind of shopping as well :-)

  5. Don't those blossoms look just gorgeous. Our season here aren't as distinct as yours, but it's still noticeable when they change. That's the bit I love - when the weather is changing.

    I love the time when it starts getting cooler (just about now, here in Sydney) and we can cuddle up under a blanket in bed. But I also love the time when it starts getting warmer, at the end of winter, when I can put those crisp cotton sheets on the bed, and I can walk on the grass in bare feet!

  6. My kind of grocery shopping! Where do you order your chicks from? I am seriously thinking about getting 3 layers.

    1. Hi Jen, This order was for Freedom Ranger meat birds. For layers, I've used a couple local(ish) farms. Gina at Wildfire Farm usually has a good selection of layers:

      If you get chicks from a mail order hatchery, they typically require a minimum purchase of 25 chicks so that they stay warm together during shipping.

  7. I love your grocery list! :)
    What a beautiful scene from last Easter! Gives hope that the cold WILL go away...eventually!! LOL!!

  8. Oh, its a wonderful time of year! I like the shopping you've been up to!


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