Sunday, February 24, 2013

finally, winter

It feels like our little farm is enclosed in a snow globe today. We slept in just a bit, having stocked the animals with food the night before. We ate a special breakfast of pancakes and bacon. It's the perfect day for wearing hats indoors and knitting. I'm learning to use circular needles, which has my head aching and wishing I had some in-person collective wisdom to draw from. What you see above is my third attempt at a baby sweater, but I sure am learning a lot. Hope you are safe and warm wherever you are.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

chile relleno omelette

We still have a nice stockpile of roasted mild green chiles, and this is our current favorite way to enjoy them! I wasn't exactly sure what to call this recipe, but it's a bit reminiscent of chile rellenos, so I'm going with it.

~makes 2 large omelettes

4-5 eggs, whipped
2 roasted (mild) green chiles, cut into strips
1 Tablespoon butter for frying
A couple handfuls of grated cheese (whatever you like; monteray jack works well)
Salsa and sour cream for serving (If I have lettuce, I add a bit of that, too)


1. In a bowl, whip the eggs with an electric mixer/whisk for a minute or two until fluffy

2. Heat butter in a pan (I use a cast iron skillet) on medium until melted and starting to bubble.

3. Add the eggs, turn the heat down a notch, and let them cook undisturbed until the edges begin to set.

4. Add the green chile strips, and when the eggs are set on the bottom, gently fold them over to form an omelette-like shape. (Or, fold and flip the whole omelette over if you're the brave sort!)

5. Top with shredded cheese.

6. Before removing from the heat, I cut the omelette in half and serve it on plates (like this). You could certainly just make half the egg mix at one time if you're less inclined to deal with a big ol' omellete at the end.

7. Garnish with a generous amount of salsa and sour cream.

note: I actually ran out of summer salsa stores some time ago, but have been making a variation using frozen tomatoes. I run them under warm water, peel the skins, dice them up, and cook them about 10 minutes until the juices are reduced. Then I add some chopped onion, jalapeno pepper, lots of minced garlic, and some parsley, and remove everything from the heat. It tastes great with breakfast eggs!

Monday, February 11, 2013

still here

Just busy with our work. See you soon with a new breakfast recipe to share!

Friday, February 1, 2013

making candles from beeswax

For tomorrow's Candlemas blessing. These are my first hand-dipped (not pretty, but I'm getting better!) and molded ones. 

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