Thursday, December 20, 2012

these darker days

*Christmas baking is in full swing (cookie recipes here, here, and here). My girl dons Oma's apron, grabs a wooden spoon, and carries around bowls which are much too heavy for her as I work away in the kitchen.

*The egg basket remains empty as the hens take their winter break (and I dip into my freezer stash).

*Advent candles burn bright. The greenery I collected for our advent wreath (just as I did last year, complete with the same cast of characters!) already dried up to fire-hazard proportions, so I replaced it with this old felt garland, made into a wreath shape. Taking inspiration from here, we also now have the perfect candle holder, cut from one of our dead aspen trees. And I sprung for some lovely beeswax candles! A very proper advent wreath to light our December nights. Our feet are still firmly planted in this advent season - waiting for the Light.

*Sometimes we eat a very early dinner and run outside at 4:00 to soak up the last bit of fading daylight. My need to rearrange what little furniture we have seems to peak at this time of year. All this indoor time is certainly good for fluffing the nest! (And for knitting. Lots and lots of knitting).


  1. Beautiful... I bet your darling girl is loving all the bowls and spoons - she wants to be just like her Mama XO

  2. I love the picture of the lit Advent candles, perfect for today's Winter Solstice! We tend to sleep longer during these darker days. :)

  3. ah, this time of year brings back the memories of last year, when we (purposefully) shut off our electricity for three months; I got so much "creating" done! I love to crochet and make rag-rugs, so I loved that time of early to bed, early to rise and getting a lot done with soft candle light and the quiet. Oh, the quiet.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. Merry Christmas Jaime,
    with love
    Rhonda and Hanno xx

  5. just beautiful, jaime. we do that same kind of advent wreath as well. merry christmas! xo

  6. Those are the prettiest advent candles I've ever seen!


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