Monday, November 19, 2012

still knitting

I've had this homespun "art yarn" in my stash for a long time now, and not really a clue as to what to make with it! I loved the bonnet pattern I used to make my nephew's gift, so decided to try making one with this yarn for my little girl. It's her funky modern baby bonnet, and she loves it!

 It's especially useful for morning chores, visiting the chickens, gathering rocks, and things like that.   

Notice how it goes with everything and nothing at the same time.

I also used the leftovers for another pair of mittens. I think I'll sew a ribbon to connect these, so they don't get lost.

I'm tackling a sweater coat for baby as my next project. It will be very challenging for me, but I'm in such good knitting spirits lately that I think I'm up for it. My husband said it will probably take me a year to complete ;) Now that's a challenge if I ever heard one!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

more knitting

Want to see what I've been up to?

A small egg/ball/hot air balloon-shaped toy, knit from the scraps of my scraps and then stuffed with scraps!

And a sweet little hat and wee mitten set from the book Vintage Knits for Modern Babies. I recieved this book as a baby shower gift, when I was just first learning to knit. I adored the patterns in it, but honestly thought I wouldn't be able to do most of them. It all looked like such a foreign language to me then! I started with a beginner baby blanket and after that success, I gained more confidence to try some of the other projects. Just a couple years later and lots of practice, I've worked my way through a good third of the patterns. I never thought I would make something that I could actually give as a gift, but here I am, doing just that! (I think you know your knitting is good enough to give away when you secretly want to keep it for yourself). This set will be a Christmas present for my littlest niece.

My first baby blanket, knit 2 years ago

And from that same book, I just completed a cap for my littlest nephew, too. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and have just cast on one for my girl.

It is high knitting season around here. Oh yes!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

knitting tribbles

I've been knitting these little tribbles (very appropriately named, I might add, as they really do seem to multiply!) out of scrap cotton yarn. I'll be using them mostly as kitchen sponges, but I'm also thinking about giving some as gifts. Although, I have to say, there are those in my life who are likely not excited about the prospect of a knitted sponge. Perhaps these cuties will convert them.

For about a year now, I've replaced store-bought sponges with knitted cloths and for the most part have been happy with it. Mine were looking really raggedy though, and this new pattern seems better than the flat cloths for dishes. I use steel wool for tough cleaning, but I've read about some people knitting in strips of tulle or onion bag material to make these more of a scrubbie. I might give that a try, too!

If you give them a go, I found this tutorial very helpful for the finishing, which didn't quite make sense to me at first. They really are a fun and quick (this coming from a very slow knitter, mind you) project. Now I best be getting to that pile of dishes multiplying in my sink!
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