Sunday, July 15, 2012

meet the brood

We gave the chickens' barn a big ol' clean-out recently, and they seem very happy with their fresh bedding and updated nest boxes.

We have a nice variety of hens, most of them being dual-purpose heritage breeds. This bunch we have now all came to us as pullets, some which I sought out, and others who just kind of made their way here. We love them all! Some of them have nicknames, but we don't actively name them unless the mood strikes.

You've already met Tiny, and here's the rest of our brood:

Our 3 beautiful Barred Plymouth Rocks, who we call "The Pilgrims." One of them has always been plump and mild-mannered, another kind of runty and flighty, and the third a through-and-through wallflower. 

We have 4 Buff Orpingtons, one with a crooked rump, who I like to call "my buddy" since she used to perch on my knee as a youngster. One of these also has unique green eyes, which are lovely and creepy at the same time. 

Two of the hens are Ameraucana/Araucanas, and I just love their coloring and chipmunk cheeks. The lighter one (named "that one," as in, "One of the chickens is out." " Which one?"  "You know, that one.") lays darker greenish eggs, and the darker one lays light blue eggs.   

Then we have 2 Rhode Island Reds, who are sometimes referred to as big red and little red, although they're not all that different in size. 

This is "White Devil," our fancy footed Light Brahma, who we were originally worried about introducing to the first round of pullets we had. We thought she was mild-mannered and that she also might get picked on for looking different. BUT, she actually took charge upon that first meeting, pouncing and pecking every other pullet in sight. And she's no lightweight, so they all listened. 

This is our shimmering Speckled Sussex, affectionately called "Hawkbait" since she likes to roam off by herself every so often. She's also a big goofball. Here she is knocking on the door to the meat bird pen.  

So, there you have it! Thirteen hens (and one rooster), all unique and wonderful in their own way, and so giving of the rainbow of eggs we have the privilege to gather every day. 

P.S. Have you seen Henderson's Handy Dandy Chicken chart? I referred to it quite a bit when first starting out and trying to identify which egg came from which hen.


  1. They are all beauties!! I only dream about having chickensat the moment as we have to move so often but someday...someday we will have our own rainbow eggs. Until then - mind if I live vicariously through you? :)

  2. I love the variety of chickens you have Jaime..our 3 pale in comparison lol!They look like such characters...i think the 'pilgrims' are my fav!!!

  3. What a awesome little crew you've got there. They are all so lovely!

  4. Nice looking chickens! :)
    Your darker Araucana looks just like my Dolores!

  5. A lovely flock of chooks! A great variety of breeds to add lots of colour and character! I also like your new nesting box, looks great!

  6. Very nice, Jaime! I thought of you as we drove through the countryside this weekend, spying the contented cows and plucky chickens roaming the mountainsides. Such peace.


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