Saturday, June 16, 2012

around here


Banana Fingerling potatoes are thriving in several of these old wooden barrels.

Peas planted late on a whim next to the front porch are looking healthy. I think they enjoy the afternoon shade, providing coolness and protection as summer approaches. They, and all the other green growing things, received a hefty dose of garlic tea.

Beautiful garlic scapes promise a great harvest.

The decapitated peppers and tomatoes are making a comeback! They are still missing their flowers, but I have hope that all will be well again in a months' time.

Weeds have completely taken over my oat field! I have no idea exactly where the oats are. I try to just move along past that part, hoping I will sort it out better in the fall. Hmn. 

The injured little chick has made an amazing recovery, and is my constant garden companion. He's put all his energy into healing, and is quite a bit smaller than the other meaty birds. I'm debating trying to reintroduce him to his flock.

Hens got out (again).

Tiny had a midnight pedicure.

The neighbors gave us this chiminea they no longer wanted! We're pretty excited about it. 

Look how the ginger has grown!

What's happening in your neck of the woods?


  1. A free chimnea? Wow, how lucky is that. Heck, even if you put a plant in it that would be cool! Your yard is looking good.

  2. Beautiful view from your patio! Did you peppers and tomatoes get hail damage from the storm a week or so ago?

    1. It was the wind that did them in! Didn't see any hail here, thank goodness.

  3. Very interesting that you planted your potatoes is a wooden barrel. Is it easy to dig them out of it? I might have to try this next year. I planted a few the had started sprouting in my garden.

    1. Yes, it is! I also find I get a better yield when I put them where they can grow deeply, such as a barrel provides.

  4. The weather has certainly not been on our side this year. I have wind damage too....and lots of grasshoppers eating everything in site, except the weeds. Now, I have a huge chicken snake stealing my eggs. Hopefully, the artificial eggs I put in the nesting boxes will take care of the problem. He is over 3 feet long....and I am very much afraid of him. Good to see "little chick" is doing better.

  5. Good deal getting the chiminea, looks like a nice one! Glad your plants are recovering from the wind and I like growing the potatoes in barrels, good idea!
    My garden seems to be slow taking off this year, I think because it's been so durned hot. My chickens have slowed down with their laying too, I'm sure also because of the heat. The rainy season should start in another couple of weeks though and that will perk everything up! :)

  6. What a great post! Free chiminea?! Awesomely growing ginger!? Healing chickens and garlic scapes!? Everything looks superb at your place!

    We've got greens coming out our ears, the pineapple is still alive and growing though not really noticeably larger like your ginger, we've got a music festival vacation upcoming, and just had three successful weekend of selling tie-dye in a row. Busy, busy, FUN!

  7. Did my potatoes in a barrel the results!

    Really want a chiminea…may wait until the temp is below 90* to fulfill that desire.

    I take it a sign of character how people treat injured animals no matter the variety…so glad the little guy is recovering well…what a trooper.

    In my neck of the woods…lots of summer squash putting out, so much that it makes up something of almost every meal. Corn is starting to mature and okra will be coming around within a few weeks. It’s a shift in growing seasons here…I’ve just planted carrots and winter squash and a second round of sweet corn and more pole beans. Been gardening very early and very late in order to stay cool, and this frees up the day for other endeavors…sewing, music, planning for the next school year. My big rabbit doe Martha should kindle in a few weeks—the rabbits are relishing they’re new air conditioned digs. Life is good for sure.


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