Wednesday, May 30, 2012

tough love

It's a big planting week here, folks! How did the end of May come so quickly? We're building beds, hardening off flats of seedlings (which need to get accustomed to our strong westerly winds), and making the big shift outdoors - everybody's going out within the week, whether of the vegetable or meaty chick variety. It's a bit of tough love.  

This is the kind of work that comes in fits and spurts, of which we are right smack in the middle of. Be back later this week with lots to share!


  1. We're doing the same thing, here :) Not enough time or energy to do it all, but we'll sure try!

  2. Sounds like you have one busy, productive week ahead of you..good luck getting it all done :)

  3. I always feel bad for my seedlings when I put them out into the garden with all the wind even though they have been "toughened" up! Sounds like ya'll are going to be busy, busy!

  4. We've been hardening off on the patio for the last week or two. They will go in the ground soon as well. The tomatoes especially hit a growth spurt and need to be planted in their new homes! But it did snow on Friday so we're glad we didn't let this balmy spring go to our heads!

  5. I envy that you have flats to plant out! Looking good. Maybe next year for us.


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