Friday, April 27, 2012

spring rush

Each spring, usually after a good rain, we have some minor flooding due to the increase of water coming into the pond. It's a grand time, when the stream of water trickling into the pond is less a steam and more a river. We're not exactly sure where this water comes from, but sometimes the "spring rush," as we like to call it, coincides with the city opening up the dam on a nearby lake. Our western neighbor talks of his ponds being spring-fed, so perhaps part of ours is, too.

 Flooding in the goats' lower pasture: 

The first year we lived here, the flooding was not-so-minor, and we had ducks swimming in our driveway! 

Pretty pond scum:

Last year, I caught a fish in this area using just my hands. The raging water had swept it up over the bank and in-between some rocks. 

Typically, our neighbor to the east has a small, shallow pond from our overflow. Here you can see most of his field is covered with water today.

I love this time of year, when it feels like we're being given a clean slate. And you wouldn't believe just how fresh and clean and new everything smells! Ah, Spring!


  1. So cool that you caught a fish in your own backyard! Did you keep it?

  2. Cool about the fish and how fun to have your own stream and pond! :)

  3. I had two wild geese playing in the pond after the storm last night - well needed but would love less drama with it... Hope you enjoy the moisture.

  4. I can feel the freshness of spring through your photos....we are already experiencing temps in the the high 80's. Our Spring has come and gone! Enjoy it while it lasts....

  5. I can hear the water and smell the freshness. Love your photos as always. It's autumn here, with a beauty all of its own. I loved the spring when we lived in the UK, and here I love the autumn. x

  6. Just beautiful... so lush! Would you believe we had snow again yesterday? Still no green grass, either... *sigh*

  7. I was out of town on TH so I missed the big rain. But it had greened up so much overnight and I could tell when I got home on FR.

  8. I would love to have a pond but not such flooding! Very cute about the ducks.


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