Tuesday, December 6, 2011

feelin' cozy

It has been cold, Cold, COLD! here as winter closes in. Last night, before the temperature dipped to -1 degree F (that's -18 degrees Celsius!), we worked on some provisions to help the outdoor animals stay as cozy as possible.

We brought the goats lots of extra hay for their barn, enough for full bellies and warm bedding to sleep on. They have their thick winter coats on, too, and deal with cold incredibly well. They also enjoy the hot water we truck down to them on these freezing days. 

Neither the goat or chicken barn is hooked up to electricity, so we used a solar powered battery to run a 60 watt light bulb in the chicken barn, in hopes of providing them with just a bit of heat. From the pile of feathers on the floor under the lamp this morning, it appears some of them gravitated toward it last night. This morning I brought them some warm milk, and added another layer of pine shavings to the deep bedding on the barn floor.

And, for us indoors, out came the heaviest of winter blanket quilts. This one was made by some church ladies who used recycled denim. Pretty neat, huh?

The sun shining on the snow-covered mountain was a welcome sight today. For the goats, too, as they soak it up. Even the chickens are thinking about stepping out today!   


  1. beautiful photos! There's just something about the seasons isn't there? I love how people with small farms can define the change of seasons with the change of chores to care for their animals. A special privilege, yes?
    And LOVE that blanket...the West Ladies teach how to make one in their Homestead Blessings DVD series...I thought it was the neatest thing and it looked quite easy. The church ladies that made your blanket chose a great combo of fabrics...just lovely.

  2. i'm falling more in love with your blog everyday.

  3. Oh goodness....that is cold** Your animals look so healthy and well cared for..that's wonderful! Love the Denim quilt, it looks so warm:) ~ Barefoot mama

  4. Ashten, what you say about the chores defining the seasons is so true! And, yes, I do think it is quite a privilege to live this way.

    Victoria, that is just the sweetest thing to say! Thank you. I feel so encouraged by you.

    Thank you also, Barefoot Mama!

  5. That is cold! I never realised that the chickens and goat would get cold too. Where I live, the coldest day is a rainy day. So your wintry photos are a treat for me :)

  6. @opportunityknits Oh, good! I'm trying my hardest not to smother everyone with snow pictures. I do love the snow ;)

  7. I love your farm photos and how much you genuinely care for all those who share your little piece of paradise!

    We got several inches of snow yesterday. We are thinking of a moonlight sledding adventure tonight after everyone is off work! Hooray for snow (but I might be singing a different tune in months to come)!

  8. I agree with Victoria....I find your blog beautiful, inspiring and heartwarming...thank you for sharing and xxx! from Holland.


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