Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 little nieces

I have 5 sweet little nieces and so decided to knit up 5 cute little bunnies--one for each of them--just in time for Christmas. I almost didn't make it, but honestly, I'd much rather spend my time knitting furiously at home than shopping (and fretting) around the mall! While selecting yarn from my stash to make these stuffed toys, I thought about the personalities of my 5 nieces, each of them unique and different, and tried to pick a yarn suitable for them, or that I thought they would like.

My niece who visits most often has played with the baby's bunnies every time she comes, commenting how much she loves them. Isn't that sweet? How could I not make her one! And in so doing, I anticipated the other sweet girls enjoying them as much as she does. So, 5 knitted bunnies were born. Here they are all in a row:

We have:
An all-white one for the girl named after a beautiful flower
A lavender one for the queen of purple
One with all possible shades of pink for the over-the-top pink-loving girl
A very colorful one for the curious baby
A red and white one for the girl wearing Christmas colors each time I see her these days


  1. Very cute! And you put a lot of thought into what each niece would like :) And you know that using up the yarn stash thrills my thrifty heart to no end!

  2. Oh, this is just heartwarming. All that love knitted into these little cuties. I just know your nieces will sense it. Big hug to you for sharing!

  3. Jaime, these are super cute! Did you make up the pattern?

    I know just what you mean about how you'd rather be knitted furiously at home than shopping in packed malls! ME TOO!

  4. Wonderful, Jaime.... the best gifts are from the heart! Merry Christmas. :)

  5. How sweet they are and I LOVE their fluffy little bunny tails! :)

  6. Thanks, all! :)

    @mountain girl Oh I wish I could say I did, but no, they are from a pattern in the book _Vintage Knits for Modern Babies_.

  7. so precious!
    when I first saw the title of your post I thought it sounded like an adorable children's book story title!


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