Thursday, November 10, 2011

scenes from our day

This morning...

Bread is rising

Laundry is being folded

Leaves are being crunched underfoot as we go about the farm chores

The chickens are out on an adventure to the far end of their pasture

The sun is warming us

Wishing you a morning full of possibilities, too!


  1. The last photo is precious! Love that sweet red sweater:) Barefoot Mama

  2. Thank you, Barefoot Mama. Can you believe that was actually my sweater when I was a baby! I think it was brought all the way from Germany by my "Oma"(grandmother).

  3. That red sweater is certainly gorgeous!The pic of your chooks made me laugh as you can just about hear them saying 'home free!'
    I wish my bread was having a problem with it and not sure what i am doing wrong all of a sudden!
    Jode x

  4. Thanks, Jode. Watching chickens run anywhere always makes me laugh :) Your yeast isn't too old, is it? I learned that the hard way a couple times...

  5. I wish I'd had bread rising this morning too. Maybe this afternoon yet.....

    What an awesome sweater story! Incredibly awesome (and beautiful too).


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