Wednesday, November 2, 2011

scenes from our day

Earlier this week...

Dead trees around the property were cut down for firewood
Fallen tree branches were cleared and put in the pasture for the goats to feast on
They love eating the leaves! (and sometimes the bark, too)
The crafty chickens were outsmarted (for now) by the new netting we attached to the gate where they like to escape their pasture
(No more chickens knocking on my front door and pooing all over the porch!)
Aki was sad to be separated from his beloved chickies (don't worry, he still gets to hang out with them every time we enter the pasture for egg gathering, treat giving, and nighttime rounds)
The chickens were also given some large branches for perching
Our very first solar panels are gathering energy, awaiting us to decide exactly what we're going to do with them
Mushrooms were spotted growing out of the cold frame where I've attempted (twice now--more on that later) to finish planting the garlic
All just in time for another big snowstorm today!
 Wishing you a productive day, filled with beauty, too.

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