Monday, November 7, 2011

planting garlic

I didn't intend to wait quite so long to plant the garlic this year, but that early snowstorm threw off my timeline! The preparations for this garlic bed began on All Hallows' Eve (a day just perfectly suited for our annual garlic planting, I reckon), only to be promptly interrupted again by The Weather.

This cold frame kept the prepared ground from being blanketed by snow, so that I could finally get those cloves in the soil.

Garlic is planted similarly to any bulb (except the bulb is broken into its individual cloves), with the pointed tip of the clove facing up and the clove placed twice as deep as it is long (just about 2 inches or so). The cloves are spaced about 6 inches apart, with a foot between the rows.

We had a crop failure last year, so I'm hoping these new bulbs will fare better. This year we chose 2 varieties, Siberian Purple Stripe, a hard neck variety, and Sicilian Silverskin, a soft neck. I only planted 1/2 pound worth of cloves and if they do well, we may try planting a second crop to harvest in fall.

The long, cold winter should help the garlic come out of its dormancy, and hopefully the full crop will be ready to harvest at the end of June next year.

If you live in or around Colorado, here is a great guide to all things garlic.

I love using The Potato Garden, a Colorado company, for garlic, onions, and most especially potatoes. They only sell naturally-grown, non-GMO crops and encourage seed saving, all of which are very important to us.

Wishing you a great start to your week, too, friends.


  1. My goodness...that is some hardy planting there...i thought the heat was bad enough when looking at my garlic yesterday! We planted garlic for the first time this year and am hoping the crop will work, should find out in a few weeks time.Your cold frame looks you grow anything else that way during the cold?
    Have a great week
    Jode x

  2. Hi Jode, This is our first year using the cold frame. I'm thinking of trying to put it on top of a raised bed and see if I might be able to grow some salad greens or another cold weather crop that doesn't need pollinating...

    Good luck with your garlic harvest!

  3. I'm in love with that last photo:) Barefoot mama

  4. @barefoot mama You're sweet. That's pretty much how my knees look all summer long. It's fabulous. :)

  5. I am going to investigate The Potato Garden. Sounds up my alley. We purchase our seeds at a shop in Belgrade, MT, but they don't carry many varieties of potatoes so we mail ordered.

    I am glad you got them in the ground, snow or no snow! Matt made the bold decision to NOT plant garlic this fall because we are home-hunting and have high hopes to be in a totally different garden space by next year!

  6. @BLD How exciting for you both! Best wishes on searching for a home of your very own.


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