Thursday, November 17, 2011

organizing my kitchen

For most people, spring is the time for annual cleaning and decluttering. Not so for me--spring is outdoor planting time, and this very season we're in right now often finds me reinventing spaces in our home. This process typically involves lots of reading and researching and inspiration gathering, followed by a wish list of things I think I need to have to make my life complete, along with plans to paint and possibly tear down a wall. After all that silliness passes, and I realize how much better, more practical, and necessary it is to simply work with what I already have, I get down to business.

Perhaps this extra time indoors lately is what possessed me to reorganize the entire kitchen just a week before needing it back in functioning order for the very big family Thanksgiving we'll be hosting this year. Hrmn.

Unfortunately, simply measuring and drawing a plan out on paper isn't quite sufficient for me. I have to see it. In action. This gets messy. For the project I'm sharing with you today, it involved me hunting down nearly every basket in the house to find the right ones for kitchen storage. (Never mind where the contents of these annexed baskets went. I'll just deal with that later).

It also involved the not-so-simple task of removing this dishwasher. It's been broken since we moved in, and so never gets used as anything but a glorified dish drying rack. I got to thinking how it sure is taking up a lot of nice storage space,  and seeing as we wash up by hand anyway, I've no intention of replacing it. So, I set about trying to make this space more usable for me.

My cookbooks used to be lined up on the counter, which worked okay, except I would occasionally bump them the wrong way, spilling the entire stack off the other side of the counter and onto the floor. They definitely needed a more proper home, and I figured a shelf under the counter here makes a lot of sense.

I might try building a shelf to fit this space if I like the changes I've made, but for now, this bookcase turned sideways works fine.

The little brown crate holds the manuals for the few kitchen appliances I have.

There's also room to store my kitchen towels here, as well as the frequently used knitted dish sponges and washcloths. I really like having these so close to the sink, which is where I use them the most. 

I took this curtain from the mudroom window. I like it better here, and our neighbors aren't really close enough to peek in at night anyway.

It has a lovely sunflower pattern. 

Ah, yes. I think I like this much better.


  1. What a good idea to put a bookshelf in the space, and the sunflower fabric looks great!

  2. Much better! I really, really like it! The shelves and curtain really are quite perfect, especially considering the use-what-you-have supplies. Perfect.

    Earlier this week I reorganized the kitchen pantry. A fun and rewarding project. I hope to tackle the high cupboards next....I don't even remember what is UP there. Thanks for the inspiring story to keep me jazzed about it....actually I love organizing so I probably don't need help with that....but it certainly can't hurt!

    I am with you....there is too much to be done in spring for these sort of projects! Good work on this one.

  3. Jamie it is PERFECT!!! I do not use my dishwasher either - I store the big industrial rolls of parchment, foil and such in there - I also reorganized the kitchen during this time because of all the cooking that happens over the next two months. Also, since more time is needed to get animal chores done during the winter I want to have everything organized and fully stocked because at times I may not leave the farm for a month or two at a time... I love the sunflowers and the scalloped edge is so sweet...

  4. I love it! Such a creative use of space!!!


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