Sunday, November 13, 2011

milk for the chickens

I was reading recently that treating the chickens to some milk during molting might do them some good. I presume that's because of the extra calcium they get from the milk. I had some extra milk, so off to the chicken pasture I went.

At first, the milk was eyed suspiciously...

As was the bringer of said "milk"

But then a bug fell in and was snatched up, deeming the milk safe for all to drink

Can chickens get a milk mustache? I think this one did. And I think she makes a fine model for those "got milk?" ads, don't you?


  1. LOL! Loved it! You should send that photo in to the 'got milk' commercial. I did that once with my daughter and her miniature horse drinking Dr. Pepper and they sent me a whole envelope of coupons for free Dr. Pepper! Never know :)

  2. MILK! I must give the Ladies some milk! Thanks for the tip!

  3. I love it! Oh, the look on that face in the second photo!

    I had a friend who told me once that her chickens loved milk so much they would drink it and drink it and drink it...until it would run back out of their mouths because they were too full to let any more in. I never knew if she was pulling my leg or not.

  4. @BLD I know! The caption on that second photo should be, "You've GOT to be kidding me." She is a very sarcastic chicken, that one.

  5. I also give yogurt during the molting and winter months - great for the bodies and egg production,, They are funny looking because the yogurt gives them a white beard - very unlady like...

  6. Great idea, thanks Grace! Calcium and protein, those must be the key....

    Just to let you all know, although I have no proper scientific proof, the last two days of giving milk has correlated with increased egg production! About 4 of them who had stopped laying appear to be giving eggs again. Now if I could just get my Araucanas back on track--I miss those lovely blue and green eggs.

  7. Your photography in general is wonderful, but that second photo is PRICELESS! Thanks also for this tip about milk. I hope someday to have a family cow, and assumed any extra would go to the hogs, but now, I'll remember to hold back a bit for the layers. We've given ours whey in the past, and they slurped it right up. And I hear you about the araucanas - pickiest layers ever!!


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