Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a winter's hat for baby

Every spare moment these days is spent knitting. I'm a slow knitter, and the spare moments are few, but surely, row by row projects get completed. That's precisely how I finished this warm woolen pixie hat for my babe.
 The beautiful, soft yarn I used is from this shop, and the pattern is from here.

  I particularly like how there's room to grow with two buttonholes on the strap

And there was the ever-important choice of which button
And then the trying-on, accompanied by much oohing, ahhing, and picture taking
 And the outdoor testing (Repeat oohing, ahhing, and picture taking)
There's something comforting and very special about hand-making these types of items--a satisfaction that doesn't happen when you simply go to the store to buy a new hat. There's certainly not as much fussing and "big to-do-ing."
Best of all, there's plenty of yarn left for some of these matching leg warmers! Happy knitting.


  1. Nice work! And you baby looks just precious in it!

    I just recently started knitting and find that it is all I want to do with any spare moment as well! It is so satisfying and calming.

    Homemade wins every time over off-the-shelf. Every time.

  2. You have turned my yarn into something magical. I LOVE IT!!! It is so thrilling to know that my sweet animals are providing warmth, comfort and tons of Ohinng and Ahhing on your sweet sweet daughter. Can't wait to see the leggings. Blessings and Happy Knitting


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