Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Typical Colorado

 In typical Colorado fashion, winter has temporarily annexed lovely fall at the height of her glory. No matter, though, she will certainly be back in a few days time, although a little worse for the wear.

So what does a farmer girl do when the first big snow comes just a tad too early this year?

First, she enjoys the magic of it like children do.

And animals do.

Well, not all the animals do.

Next, she contemplates what she will plant in spring.
Right now I'm planning on potatoes, and thinking about which new-to-me seed potatoes to order along with our old favorites. Colorado Rose? Purple Viking? Decisions, decisions....

Wishing you a little magic in your day, too, wherever you are.


  1. looks beautiful...i can't even imagine snow like that as i sit here!I love the look on your chook and goats faces.....not going out there no way!
    Yesterday i was trying to keep our chooks cool in the warm weather!
    What a gorgeous warm pink bundle you have there!!!
    Jode x

  2. What a lovely post! Thanks for sharing your fun in winter wonderland.


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