Wednesday, October 26, 2011

that same view to the


  1. Your farm and home look like they are in my ideal location. I have read quite a bit about Colorado and any movie that is set in Colorado is always on my watch list. Can you tell us more about the location and if you are way out or on the outskirts of a town - that would be my dream. The picture of your daughter and the dog is very beautiful.
    Best wishes PM

  2. Hi PM,
    Thank you and so nice to meet you! We are what I would call "semi-rural." The shops in town are just 15 minutes away, but we live in an older part where everyone still has at least an acre of land, and there's a lot of agricultural history. There has recently been a bit of encroachment from some newer city developments, but our immediate community is (thankfully) part of zoning code that protects our farming lifestyle.

  3. My dream land :) What a beautiful landscape photo!


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