Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Breakfast

We call these...
...dipping eggs!


  1. Yum! we are using eggs in everything at the moment due to an abundance but you can't beat good ol soldiers and boiled eggs!Hope you have a lovely Sunday
    Jode x

  2. Hi Jode! Wishing you a wonderful and healthy week :)

  3. Looks Yummy! I am having eggs for supper with Herbed Beer Bread and fresh Goat Cheese... Nothing better then something simple

  4. What is that exactly? A not-quite-hard-boiled egg? Looks delicious.

  5. Hi Zev, Yep, it's a soft-boiled egg. Basically just boiled half the time as you would for a hard-boiled egg. These were ready in just 5 minutes! The yolks are still liquidy and the whites firm. Perfect way to eat farm fresh eggs.


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