Thursday, October 20, 2011

scenes from our day

there was much playing on the floor
laundry was hung out
leaves blew in and were swept up
a new project was cast on
the chickens were brought lots of treats to cheer them during their first molt
the once-yearly raging stream that runs through the middle of our property was admired
What was your day like?


  1. Wonderful pictures!! Perfect day!!

    Here I was busy getting the farm shop ready for the holiday seasons - labeling new yarns getting fiber ready to work on the carding machine and putting billies back into their pastures - they are not happy about the NO Breeding Rule....

    Have a fantastic weekend and your Seed Journal is on it way to you as of Thursday...

  2. these are beautiful photos. I particularly love the nappies/diapers lined up and pegged. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. Thank you, Rhonda Jean! How kind of you to stop by and leave a comment! You made my day :)


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