Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkins and Introductions

The goaters love a nice big pumpkin smashed open for their enjoyment. The pieces often remain scattered around the ground for a whole week, as they savor a bit each day. These goats are 4 of the original 6 that we adopted when we bought our land. They've lived here longer than us, and really they were the first "livestock" we acquired. We're not 100% sure, but we think they are Pygmy goats. They're very important members of our farm; keeping vegetation down in our two pastures, providing manure for fertilizing crops, and hopefully sharing their milk with us next spring. Perhaps most importantly, they also charm all of our visitors. Even the men who collect our trash stop to admire and pet the goats! If it weren't for the goats acclimating people (especially kids) to our lifestyle with their friendly adorable-ness, most people might think us a lot crazy instead of just a wee bit crazy! So, it seems some introductions are in order:

First up are the twins, Abby and Costella. Abby (on the right) is the friendliest of them all, and her sister is the most shy. That's one way to tell them apart. The other is that sweet 'Stella has a darker looking face. By the way, neither of them knows "Who's on first" ;)

Next is Lizzy-bear. She was quite fearful when we first met her, but now loves to greet us at the fence and have her head scratched. She's dressed up as a cow for Halloween (actually, that's how she looks all year long--a goat in cow's clothing).

Lastly, we have Popcorn (aka Big Pappa). He's the only male left (a wether), and is a sucker for all kinds of treats. Apples are his favorite. He suffers a bit from "the grass is always greener" syndrome, as you often see him stretching his neck as far as possible through the holes in the fence to reach a particular kind of purple flowering weed on the other side. Apparently the ones just outside his reach on the other side of the fence are far superior to the exact same weed growing in his pasture. I wonder why that is?


  1. Those are some cute Pygmy goats.. Mine love pumpkins too... Everyone here loves pumpkin and it is great for all... I also have several animals who just will not keep their heads on the right side of the fence - I think it is genetic because I have generations of the same blood line do this while other bloodlines never do it. It also is not an issue of seeing it being done because other's never follow the behavior of the fence problem goats. Strange but true.

  2. That is very interesting, and come to think of it, none of our other goats do that either!

  3. They are all so cute! I'd have to say Lizzy-bear is the cutest to my eyes. Goats are a lot of fun (and a bit of fun trouble!). I hope to have some of my own someday. Cute photos. I hope you have a delightful day!


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