Monday, October 17, 2011

Kids these days...

...really have no idea where their food comes from. My nephew brought a friend with him to the farm this weekend. He was a bright, well-schooled, 10 year old boy. He wowed us with his knowledge of the word "aerodynamics." But, he had no concept of the fact that the eggs he eats come from a "Real. Live. Chicken." O...M...G. The fact that the chickens laid eggs fascinated him. He kept running back and forth to the chicken barn all day long, excitedly bringing in an egg each time he found one, and trying to guess which hen laid it.

I told him he could bring home all the eggs he gathered to share with his family, and he looked at me with a confused, quizzical expression. "Well, I don't think we can have chickens at our house." I asked what he meant, and discovered that he thought each of those eggs contained a fully formed baby chick. It was really freaking him out that I was telling him he could bring these eggs home to eat! Indeed, who wants baby chicks for breakfast? I decided to leave the birds and bees discussion to his parents (along with the larger philosophical discussion about veganism) but we had a nice talk about the similarities--and a few of the true differences--between eggs from the store and eggs from a farm like ours.

As we said our goodbyes, our new friend said to me, "I really had a fun time. There's just something about being on a farm, ya know?" Oh yes. There is just something about being on a farm. It changes ya, I'd say.


  1. Doesn't it blow you mind when you have to explain those things - My oldest had to tell his classmates in High School when they did a hatching chick project that "No this is not where chicken nuggest come from". I was shocked as I stood in the class helping and even the teacher was not educated in the long term care of these creatures - she was going to send them home with anyone who wanted them and told them to feed them cat or dog food.. Needless to say they all came home with us and I turned in the teacher... What are they teaching kids??

  2. Now that's scary, Grace! I think this is all a result of people being so far removed from their food. It leads to many problems, not the least of which is a disrespect for animals (and dare I say, life in general).

  3. As a society we have become so far removed from our food sources that our children really have no basis for the knowledge that used to be a given. I work with children and have heard everything from "a cow lays eggs" to "don't chickens give us our milk?" Seriously, two questions from two different children. The hope lies in people like us who are willing to share the knowledge we have. Our children will soak it up because they are curious and passionate...and because they HAVE to! Because they hold in their little hands our collective future!

  4. Yes, Bee Girl, so true. Those children are lucky to have you sharing your passion with them!


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