Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chasing Summer

These unusually warm first days of October have driven me into doing something downright crazy. I have tempted fate and taunted Jack Frost with the planting of seeds. Yes, seeds. In October! Perhaps it was because the lettuce bolted before I had my fill, or because I didn't get quite enough sunshine on my feet and dirt under my nails this summer. Maybe that's what made me do it. Or, maybe it's this fleeting summer that stays for the day, retreating at the first hint of dusk, and an indecisive autumn that isn't yet sticking around for good. Willingly, I let myself be taken with their siren song, longing to capture just a few more weeks for growing food. Foolish, probably. Daring? Most certainly. But even if the seeds don't germinate, or next week brings the inevitable chill, I simply could not help myself. Dare I say that just getting my hands dirty one last time was totally worth it.

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