Friday, September 30, 2011

Strawberry Fields

Okay, well we don't actually have a whole field of strawberries...yet. But we do have three plants that were destined for the dirt today. It turns out that fall is the perfect time for strawberry planting. (Never mind that these have been sitting in their little containers since spring). MmHm. 

Strawberries have been a bit finicky for us in the past, but these were locally grown, so I'm optimistic that they'll do well. They're the everbearing variety.

Preparing the ground

Curious chickies stopping by to see the progress

Thank you little soil helpers!

Done just in time to enjoy a beautiful sunset!


  1. I am sending all kind of growing thoughts to those plants - once they get a good hold in the ground you will have years of ruby gems - just don't let those chicken get a gander or you will never have strawberries.. Good luck

  2. Oh, yes, so true! I somehow managed to hide them from the chickens all this time, although there were only a couple small strawberries on each plant earlier this year. Next year they will be irresistible to those little chickies!


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