Thursday, September 22, 2011

It Must Be Fall...

Around here, we don't need a calender to tell us the autumnal equinox has begun. There are always some sure signs that it's Fall at the farm:

The goats are acting feisty (perhaps in anticipation of breeding season?) The roundup commences when Popcorn (or Big Papa as I like to call him) takes advantage of a partially opened gate. He is the master sneak-past-her!

Here's Lizzy, looking lost, after escaping out of the fenced pasture. She appears to be trying to hitchhike down the driveway, or maybe just over to the neighboring buck ;)

Fortunately this time, aside from our injured pride, the only victim of their escapades is my poor apricot tree. We'll have to see if it manages to come back in Spring. Work hard, little leaf, you're our only hope!

Of course, there are the more subtle signs of Fall as well:

Changing colors

Chilly evenings meant for wool-wearing
 Is there anything cuter than some chubby baby legs in hand-knit legwarmers? I think not. The pattern I used for these here.

Knitting needles begging to be picked up
Working on a hat for my little babe, using some beautiful local, hand dyed merino yarn from Larkspur Funny Farm & Fiber Arts Studio. This one is called "Cranberry Fluff." The perfect name, yes?

And the oven turned back on for comforting homemade treats like this:

What does Fall look like at your home?


  1. I too have very frisky goats - my billies have placed the smell of their perfume in the air. Their horn clanking, lip smaking and cries go on thru the night - all signs that life is changing here. Then there are the smells of the dye pots going almost non stop thru the day and night - not always a pleasant smell to most but for me it is a part of my life. Then there is the nip in the air which means soon the snow will fall and that is my favorite part of the year. Enjoy the season change and make the most out of our gentle Fall.

    I also want to thank you for showing the yarn I have a dye bath going with some of my Mohair Boucle in a purples and reds - can't wait till their done...

  2. What a beautiful picture you painted! True, Fall is a gentler time here, lulling us into Winter's sleep.


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