Thursday, February 17, 2011

Best Way to Clean Under Your Fingernails

Want nice white fingernail tips? (And who wouldn't...) After juicing a lime or lemon, rub the tips of your nails along the fruit's inside skin, then rinse. But don't compost that lime skin just yet--throw a bit of it in your disposal for a nice fresh scent the next few times you're grinding up those bits of onion at the bottom of your sink. 

Disinfecting Kitchen Sponges

Get all those nasties off your kitchen sponge. After washing up the dishes, microwave your sponge for 30 seconds, or until it feels like a hot potato!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

How to Season Your Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron skillets are a revelation! I used to get frustrated by food sticking to mine all the time, and had all but given up on it. All my nostalgic hopes of cooking a farm fresh breakfast in my trusty cast iron like a "real" farmer should, had been all but lost in a smelly, burnt, sticky mess. That, my friends, was because I did not know how to properly SEASON my skillet. I once naively thought that seasoning just meant imparting flavor, but it really means preparing the skillet so as to bring out its non-stick properties. And it works. Now that I have learned this important task, I made the simplest and best ever hash browns in my newly seasoned old skillet; thus all hopes and dreams restored! (Tomorrow I may even dare to fry an egg in there).

This is the video I found most helpful on the topic:

And the hash brown recipe:

1. Heat a good slug of olive oil on medium high in your cast iron skillet
2. Peel and shred as many potatoes as you wish (Yukon gold are my favorite, but russet works well  too)
3. Squeeze out excess liquid from the potatoes
4. Add potatoes to skillet and season with salt and pepper
5. Cook until browned on one side, lift potatoes and add extra olive oil if needed before flipping the whole lot
6. Cook until nicely browned on the other side, serve and enjoy!
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