Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Hello, my name is..."

...A kind of introduction

Living the dream on a little over 2 acres, slowly making our way toward self-sustainability and striving to connect to the agricultural roots of our community. When we bought this property almost 2 years ago, we inherited a herd of goats and a host of other surprises that would begin our adventures on the self-designated "Ngo Family Farm." I use the term "farm" loosely for now, in hopes of morphing into a more legitimate form of the definition in years to come. For the time being, though, my farm consists of the aforementioned goats, laying hens and their gentle rooster, a couple dogs, and an ever-expanding garden. I'm writing this blog as a way of cataloguing our journey and to share my interests of the past and present, which so often center around home, family, and food. Welcome, and thank you for stopping by!
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